Neural Effect Filter

Currently, the Neural Effect Filter is live on our mobile apps. 

What is Neural Effect Level?

  •'s core technology is adding modulation to music that impacts the brain.
  • This can be heard as a thrumming sound in the music, at different speeds depending on the mental state (e.g., 'ocean wave speed' = delta = sleep, 'helicopter speed' = beta = focus).
  • How much modulation is added corresponds to how loud the thrumming is.
  • At we call this the neural effect level because heavier modulation affects the brain more, all else being equal.
  • But that doesnt mean more is better for everyone!
  • Different brains have different needs; experiment to find what is best for you!

What is Brightness of Sound?

  • Brightness is the amount of treble vs bass in the music.
  • Examples of bright instruments are cymbals and bells, snare drum, trumpets, and so on.
  • But all music can be made brighter or darker by EQing (like in your car or media player)
  • Brightness is distracting but exciting! Pop music is often very bright.
  • If you need more energy and stimulation, pick a brighter track.

What is Musical Complexity?

  • Complexity is the amount of activity in the music—how many instruments hitting how many notes. How 'busy' is the music?
  • Complexity (like brightness) is distracting but exciting!
    • Jazz and Pop are distracting and exciting in different ways: Jazz because there's a lot of complicated stuff going on, and Pop because the sounds are shiny and punchy. This is complexity vs brightness.
  • If you are easily distracted by music, lower complexity is for you.

The NEL/Bright/Complex score doesn't make sense! (doesn't work, etc)

Music changes over time, so to give each track a single score we had to use measurements taken from intros (0-30s) only. This means you'll be able to hear the difference if you skip through tracks, but if you stick with a track, later in the track the NEL might shift beyond what the score says it should be.

Can I filter by brightness or complexity?

Not yet, but we hope to introduce this feature soon! For now, if you find a song with good brightness or complexity for you, filter for that song's genre since tracks within a genre are often similar in this way.

Currently, Neural Effect Level options are only active in:

  • Our Mobile Apps (coming soon to the web!) 
  • Focus Mental State
  • Music (filter does not apply to nature sounds)

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