What is Brain.fm?

What is Brain.fm?

Distractions are a constant in today’s world. Even when you’ve managed to silence your phone and slip on your noise-canceling headphones, have you ever found your mind still buzzing with mental chatter? You’re trying to run an analytical report, but soundbites of last night’s podcast keep interrupting your train of thought. Perhaps the last phone call you had with your boss is on replay while you’re finally trying to relax or worse: sleep.

In these moments where our attention is scattered, we just want to drill down to the perfect level of focus and find our flow in whatever we’re doing at the present moment.  Here at Brain.fm, we design functional music that provides that flow right down to the neuronal level.  It’s through a process called neural phase locking. Our patented music technology induces the syncing of activity across the brain, literally “locking” your neurons into the desired cognitive wave patterns, such as one of sustained focus, relaxation, and even deep sleep.

Once you’re locked in, our music works tirelessly to keep you there. We have interwoven proprietary acoustic features that dampen external distractions from your environment (and eliminated it from the music itself). We didn’t stop there. Our music employs 3D audio technology that creates the illusion that music is coming from the space around you, detracting your attention from the internal chatter to what’s right in front of you. (In the case of our “deep sleep” genre, our 3D technology stimulates a “cradling” effect to rock you straight to sleep.)

And because our users are humans (or so our market research says), we have always been mindful of making our music sound just like real music, plain and simple. Just because our music is purpose-driven does not take away from the sheer enjoyment you’ll experience from playing one of our brilliantly crafted tracks. Our functional music would not be what it is today without the talented composers who “dress” our music with the authentic acoustic elements that our eardrums naturally embrace. 

So tune in and start working toward your highest potential with the full knowledge that your neurons are right there co-conspiring with you.

Your partner in full-life balance,

Brain.fm team

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